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Cathay Cargo's MTR Advertisement Cathay Cargo presents its first video advertisement in MTR station. Showcasing the diverse range of air cargo shipments that require specialized handling. To bring this vision to life, we have erected a LED wall along Hong Kong Station, complemented by motion sensor interactivity. Two synchronized LED walls seamlessly display Cathay Cargo imagery, featuring boxes of various carriers gliding across the screens. Additionally, we have incorporated three sensors that dynamically respond to individuals passing by. As each person walks past, the sensors detect their presence and transform into different carriers, such as medicine, pets, food, and more, all beautifully showcased on the LED wall. The culmination of this innovative setup has yielded remarkable results, with our interactive system engaging a staggering 160,000 individuals.

cargo cat

國泰貨運-港鐵互動廣告 國泰貨運首支港鐵互動視頻廣告, 這個推廣活動標誌著國泰貨運重新定位的里程碑,重點展示了需要專業處理的空運貨物。 我們在香港站設立了一面LED牆,並配備了動作感應互動裝置。同步了兩個LED螢幕, 國泰貨運不同的貨櫃無縫在屏幕上滑動 , 并設立了三個感應器,每當有人走過時,感應器會檢測到他們並在LED牆轉換為不同的貨運類型,如藥品、寵物、食品等 , 令人更了解國泰貨運提供的服務, 而互動人數亦達至16萬人次, 令人鼓舞。


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