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HSBC-AI Dayo Advertisement HSBC WealthDecodedSeries aims to launch the first advertisement centered around AI. We collaborated with renowned Hong Kong actor and stand-up comedian Dayo. Using the AI program METAHUMAN, we generated an AI version of Dayo, called AI Dayo. Through AI, we have visualized investment topics, with a professional team utilizing custom scanners to repeatedly scan and detect the facial features, subtle expressions, and body movements of AI Dayo. After numerous precise calculations and tests, AI Dayo was created. Additionally, to complement AI Dayo, we employed AI Voice to imitate his voice and tone, investing over 1,500 hours to develop a Cantonese voice database. Ultimately, we completed the first AI version, "Cho Lam Deity," in this advertising campaign.


滙豐香港廣告-AI黃子華 滙豐WealthDecodedSeries想推動首個以 AI作為主軸的廣告, 與香港知名男演員及棟篤笑演員黃子華合作,我們使用AI程式 METAHUMAN 生成AI 子華,透過AI將這些投資主題具像化,專業團隊使用特製掃描器,反複掃描及偵測子華神的臉部特徵、微小的表情及肢體動作,再經過反覆的精密計算及無數的測試製成AI 子華。另外我們為配合AI 子華, 以AI Voice 配合超過 1,500 小時的 AI聲線模仿子華的聲音,語氣, 因為廣東話語音庫不足, 要重複嘗試以及建立, 最終完成首個AI版本『子華神』。


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