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"Somnium - Installation | Opera | Trance" was curated & produced by No Discipline Limited. A whimsical study of time and space based on the precursor of science fiction, Somnium, written in Latin during the 17th century by astronomer Johannes Kepler. Collaborated as the media artist, Kenny Wong and Things That Move Limited involved in 3 main key elements of the show: (1) Installation Opera in the gallery space, (2) 4-meter Moon Installation in the theatre, and (3) Instrument for the actor that affect the theatre ambiance by pointing and moving around the space. Participants were set free to move “between” light and darkness, present and future, reality and dream, going and staying. Gazing the moon from afar, they will be fully immersed in the dream-making installation constructed by media artist Kenny Wong, suffused with the sound and light sculpted by other artists in theatre. Participants can also enjoy an operatic-visual installation with six perspectives to understand the thoughts and emotions of each characters in the story. Extracted from House Programme of "Somnium", Kenny wrote: "In the gallery, we created an almost empty space for the opera characters to construct sequential situations by speech, body and projection. Do robots function only as robots? Can they also act as avatars to human performers, or carry out something else? The scattered images on varied materials reflect and refract as they fill up the space with light and colors. We attempted to take away the conventional elements in opera, and leave the space with sound and human voices delivered by wheeled robots. We created the locale and circumstance, and you are invited to fill in the gaps that connect the sound, the space and the materials." (Some of the below photos are taken and provided by Jesse Clockwork and Ray Leung.)

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《桑莉吟 - 裝置 | 歌劇 | 迷睡》由No Discipline Limited 策劃及製作。取材自科幻小說始祖、十七世紀寫成的拉丁文原著《Somnium》(解作:夢)。 黃智銓和Things That Move Limited以媒體藝術家身份與創作團體合作,參與演出中3個關鍵元素:(1)展覽廳內影像歌劇,(2)劇場內4米高的月亮裝置,以及(3)演員的樂器(通過移動和指向影響劇場內的聲境)。 在演出中,觀眾可以自由遊走於明與暗、現在與未來、現實與夢境、去與留「之間」。既在遙遙觀月,同時全身投入進媒體藝術家黃智銓築構的造夢裝置境地,與其他藝術家共同形塑的聲景與光影的環抱下。而透過六種視角的歌劇影像裝置,觀眾可以一瞥"Somnium"各角色的想像、心思和故事。 黃智銓在場刊中的創作人語寫道: // 我們為歌劇角色設置了一個虛空的舞臺,由語言、身體和影像去填補那裏的時與空。機械人純粹是機械人嗎?它們可否是表演者的化身,甚至擔綱其他崗位?影像縱橫交錯,散落在各種物料,讓滿室的光與色持續反射和折射。我們試圖抽走歌劇中的傳統元素,把空間留給環境聲音與人聲,由輪式機械人傳遞。地境及情境已準備就緒,流白的位置,待閣下以聲音、空間與物料,為故事補缺拾遺。// (部分相片由Jesse Clockwork和Ray Leung拍攝及提供)

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