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Mixed Media Exhibition by Kenny Wong 6.8. - 3.9.2022 Goethe-Gallery and Black Box Studio Social media has brought tremendous changes to intrapersonal, interpersonal, group and mass communication. As millennials, we witnessed the changes in communication patterns, as we were born in the analogue world, and grew up in the digital era of living a virtual life rather than a virtuous life. We vainly, and inevitably, hope to replace the in-person contacts with virtual communications. Though, after being in a pandemic for almost 2 years, we have to admit that tactile communication is indispensable. Humans are by nature social animals after all. Kenny Wong wants to point out this comprehension by creating an exhibition that requires the audience to participate both online and offline. The experience will only be partial if otherwise. Audience will download a desktop game application from a webpage and attend the exhibition through the game. The game will be developed by the Unreal Engine to build a 3D space 1:1 to actual exhibition space. Recreation Room D is part of The Missing Link project, curated by GayBird and Vanissa Law, produced by Machine and Art NOW Ltd.

黃智銓混合媒體展 6.8. - 3.9.2022 歌德藝廊及黑盒子 隨着 social media 興起,人類的溝通方式逐漸以 digital 為主導。人與人之間的關係雖然能一鍵接通,變得更隨意和方便,卻存在著另一種隔膜。 縱使 digital 的溝通方法無可避免,但面對面有着溫度的溝通接觸是必不可少。是次動態Training康樂室計劃的藝術家黃智銓 構想創建一個跨地域的展覽,要求觀眾必須透過 Online 和 Offline 都一起參與,才能體驗完整過程的展覽。 展覽的主空間是一個下載類的桌面遊戲,觀眾可通過網頁下載桌面遊戲,在遊戲中參觀在歌德學院設置的展覽佈局,利用 Unreal 遊戲引擎在 1:1 設計的虛擬 3D 展覽空間進行遊戲。 Virtual space 重現了 90 年代的社區中心。在遊戲中,玩家可以在虛擬展覽空間中參觀,並可以參加 3 種遊戲:康樂棋、桌上足球和跳飛機。 大家可以透過桌上遊戲,控制在現實展覽空間中的機械臂,與其他 online 參加者對戰康樂棋和桌上足球,還可通過遊戲 application 命令機械翻閱當天的報紙! 《動態Training康樂室》由梁基爵及羅穎綸策劃,為《連繫不明》科技藝術展覽系列之一,Machine and Art NOW Ltd. 製作。

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