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During the pandemic, the need of robot is drastically increased as to protect ourselves, it helps us avoiding the spread of infection by distancing human contacts. Robots helps us on keep place clean and also replacing some customer service work. It is an irreversible need of robots in our daily lives. We designed Kevia - a smart self-serving robot that do not serve human. It loves itself presented as an online identity and do not like to interact physically with human. During the festival, would patrol around the PMQ area. It will perform as a visitor to entertain on it’s own during the festival. 在疫症期間,我們為了保護自己而對機械人的需求急劇增加,它幫助我們減少人與人的接觸來避免傳播風險。 機器人幫助我們保持場所清潔並避近入免客戶服務工作。我們日常生活中對機器人以有不可逆轉的需求。 我們設計了 Kevia - 一種不為人類服務的智能自助機器人。 它喜歡將自己網上的身份,不喜歡與人類進行身體互動。 展覽期間,它會在PMQ地區巡視,作為遊客,自行娛樂。

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