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Award: (HKDA) Global Design Awards / Excellence (Digital Installation Category) Together with the team of IOIO Creative, we have designed the multimedia room experience for Vanke Emerald Park, an exclusive residential project. The kinetic installation, ultra-wide projection (24m), lighting and fan at the right balance to create an extraordinary multi-sensory storytelling experience. Further info:


Creative Direction: Chao Chan Art Direction: Chao Chan Project Management: Nichole Chui Producer: Ron Siu Concept Design: Chao Chan, Kenny Wong, Frank Lam Spatial Design: Winky Siu Video Production Lead: Frank Lam, David Lo, Sogun CG Artists: Kachi Chan Music & Sound Design: Beat Friday Kinetic Installation Design and Engineering: Kenny Wong Kinetic Installation Fabrication: Jasper Fung, Wong Chun Hoi, Lau Ho Chi Production Support: Hung Wai Fan Software Programming Lead: Kenny Wong Software Programming Support: Ivan Cheung Electronic Design: Kenny Wong Electronic Engineering: Gao Feng Hardware Programming Lead: Kenny Wong Hardware Programming Support: Christopher Wong



Vanke -


Kenny Wong - Concept Design, Kinetic Installation Design and Engineering, Software Programming Lead, Electronic Design, Hardware Programming Lead

Chao Chan - Creative Direction, Art Direction, Concept Design

Frank Lam - Concept Design, Video Production Lead

David Lo - Video Production Lead

Sogun - Video Production Lead

Nichole Chui - Project Management

Ron Siu - Producer

Winky Siu - Spatial Design

Kachi Chan - CG Artists

Beat Friday - Music & Sound Design

Gao Feng - Electronic Engineering

Jasper Fung, Wong Chun Hoi, Lau Ho Chi - Kinetic Installation Fabrication

Hung Wai Fan - Production Support

Ivan Cheung - Software Programming Support

Christopher Wong - Hardware Programming Support

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